Terms & Conditions
  1. (a) The terms quoted herein are based on the Company’s Engineers being afforded uninterrupted access between the hours of 8.30am. and 5.30pm. each and every day from Monday to Friday inclusive and any hindrance or interference or requirements to work during weekends or public holidays will affect the terms quoted.(b) The terms quoted herein are based on the environmental condition of the premises as at the time of survey. Any change made to the premises which may affect or impair the function of the alarm system should be reported to the Company.(c) The Company reserves the right to alter the terms of the offer in the event of any such change, whether notified or not.(d) Payment. Unless prior arrangements have been made, the customer will be required to effect payment for the system by either:-

    (i) Payment of 50% of the total quoted installation charge on acceptance of the contract, with the balance being due on receipt of invoice after completion of the system or

    (ii) Payment of the total costs of the system on completion where completion is defined in 1 (e) below. Keys or equipment required to activate the system will not be handed over to the customer until final settlement of the account.

    (e) The date of completion of the system shall be the date that the system becomes operative or would become operative but for the provision of some other facility or equipment not being provided by the Company and in particular completion shall not be deemed to be delayed due to delays incurred by external contractors or a delay in provision of Post Office equipment for signalling.

  2. (a) On the offer being accepted and the contract therefore entered into, the Company undertakes to:
    (i) Install to British & European Standards (e.g PD6662, EN 50131-1) as currently in force at the time of this proposal, the alarm system, system or signalling equipment as appropriate as listed in the specification.
    (ii) During the continuance of this contract periodically inspect and test the system, at the Company’s discretion, to British & European Standards as currently in force and effect any repairs or replacements, necessitated by fair wear and tear, with the exception of renewing or re-charging batteries because of exceptional use due to industrial action by any third party. The customer shall permit access to the entire protected area at all reasonable times during the working week to allow necessary service work to be carried out.
    (iii) During the continuance of this contract attend and make good any defects, faults or damage to the system, but excluding any such damage, defects or faults caused by wilful action of the customer, to include the re-setting of automatic signalling equipment but reserving the right to charge the customer in respect of any such attendance which arises as a result of negligent action by the customer or a third party or by adverse environmental conditions, for example thunder, lightning, flooding etc or for renewing or re-charging batteries because of exceptional use due to industrial action by a third party.

    (b) The Company reserves the right, in the event of any fault or breakdown of a piece of equipment, to replace it, at the Company’s discretion, with a suitable piece of alternative equipment capable of the same degree of protection.

  3. (a) The customer agrees, in the event of accepting the offer and entering into the contract:-
    (i) To pay the cost of installation of the alarm system, and/or installation cost of the signalling equipment as stated in the agreement, on completion of the system.
    (ii) To be responsible for the cost of any reinstatement or re-decoration made necessary at any time by the installing, testing, adjusting or altering of the alarm system.
    (iii) To be responsible for the cost of the supply of electricity necessary for the installation and running of the system.
    (iv) To be responsible for the cost of any Telecommunications providers equipment or signalling equipment provided by another party and necessary for the functioning of the system.
    (v) To pay any charges levied against the installation by authorities such as the Fire Brigade, Constabulary, or similar irrespective of the reason or cause for such a charge being levied, and any subsequent charges that may be levied.

    (b) During the continuance of this contract to:
    (i) Notify the Company in the event of any defect in the alarm system and permit the Company access at any reasonable time to take the necessary steps to rectify the defect.
    (ii) Notify the Company in the event of any activation of the alarm system, howsoever caused.
    (iii) Not to permit any person other than an authorised representative of the Company to test, repair, adjust or alter any part of the alarm system, system or signalling equipment.
    (iv) Notify the Company not less than fourteen days before the commencement of any alteration to the premises which may effect in any way the operation of the alarm system or signalling equipment.
    (v) Take all reasonable steps to ensure the alarm can cause no distress or nuisance to any third parties due for example to excessive or prolonged activations.

  4. This contract will remain in force for a period of 2 years from the date of acceptance of the offer and will thereafter be renewable on a year to year basis on the identical terms and conditions as set out herein subject to any alterations to the terms and conditions herein as agreed between the parties on renewal.
  5. The customer shall give 3 months notice of any intended termination of contract. Termination of the contract will not be deemed to be complete until the company motifs and labels as well as signalling equipment has been removed. The Company retains the ownership of the signalling device, these include BT RedCare STU, DualCom, WebWay, Emizon and Digital Commutator signalling unit. Radio based signalling equipment needs to be returned to the Company.
  6. Notwithstanding paragraphs 4 & 5 above the Company reserves the right to terminate the Contract in the event of any sums due to the Company from the customer being outstanding for a period in excess of 60 days from the date the said sums are demanded by the Company.
  7. (a) Subject to clauses 7b and c, the alarm system, system or signalling equipment as provided and set out in the specification together with all associated wiring, detection devices and the alarm bell or bells becomes the absolute property of the customer on final payment of the installation charge as set out in the Agreement.(b) The motifs, nameplates and symbols of the Company in whatsoever form together with the signalling equipment or pre-programmed coding blocks, referred to in Clause 5, remain the property of the Company at all times and the Company reserves the right whether on termination of the agreement or otherwise to remove all references to the Company from the alarm system and reclaim the pre-programmed coding blocks. In the event of reclaiming any pre-programmed coding blocks from either Digital Communication or Direct Line signalling Equipment the Company will, providing the signalling equipment is removed and the Signalling Equipment thereafter becomes the property of the Company, revert the alarm system to an audible system to an audible system which would be capable of being reset by the customer.(c) In the event of termination of the Contract after installation has commenced but before final payment of the installation charge and/or final installation of the alarm system, system or signalling equipment, the customer agrees to pay all costs incurred and accrued by the Company relating to installation or incidental thereto to the date notice of termination is received by the Company and to pay all costs of the Company relating to removal of any equipment which has been fitted prior to receipt, by the Company, of notice of termination of the Contract.
  8. The alarm system, system or signalling equipment as installed in accordance with the specification is installed with a view to affording protection to the customer and/or the customer’s property in accordance with the customer’s disclosure of the level of cover required and the Company will not be responsible for any losses, howsoever caused, due to any defect in or failure of the system as supplied insofar as the Company were not informed of the extent and level of cover required and could not reasonably be expected to foresee the extent of such cover and this clause shall be deemed to go to the essence of the Contract.
  9. (a) The alarm system, system or signalling equipment is intended, as set out in the Company’s specification, only to reduce the risks of loss of, and/or damage to property and/or injury to persons in or on the premises to the extent that this is reasonably practicable by the use of such equipment. The Company does not give any undertaking to the customer that the alarm system may not be compromised or circumvented or that the alarm system will prevent any loss by any unlawful entry or act or otherwise and the Company does not guarantee that any particular loss, damage or injury can be or will be prevented by such use and shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury howsoever caused except insofar at the Company shall be deemed in law to be in breach of any condition or warranty.(b) The Company shall not be liable for any loss in trading, internal expenses or consequential loss incurred by the customer following any loss, damage or injury due to the unlawful entry or act of any person or persons relating to the premises subject of the alarm system, system or signalling equipment set out in the specification.
  10. (a) So far as there are references herein to the “alarm system” or “system” this shall be deemed to mean the alarm system comprising the control equipment, alarm bell, wiring and all component parts thereof but excluding any name plates, motifs, labels or items of a similar nature referring to the Company, including the pre-programmed coding blocks(b) So far as there is any reference herein to “signalling equipment” this shall be deemed to mean any automatic 999 machine, Digital Communication, Direct Line equipment or Police calling unit of any type.
  11. Special Conditions (The Company may here insert special conditions applicable to individual Customers)
  12. Non-payment of invoices – should invoices not be settled the debt may be passed to an external credit control company and in this instance the following statement applies: We reserve the right to charge interest and to claim compensation on invoices not paid within the agreed credit period, in accordance with the Late Payment Commercial Debts Regulations 2002 (as amended from time to time). In addition all costs incurred on the collection of overdue sums (including, but not limited to, collection of agents’ fees) will be charged and payable by you.
Refund Policy

Our policy aims to be simple and fair.

We will only charge for a service that has been used or costs that we have incurred. Should you request a refund and we have not conducted any or work or incurred any charges the refund will be in full:

  • Refund requests are processed at our Fareham offices and will take up to 5 working days to be processed.
  • Refunds will be refunded to the payment card or PayPal account provided for the original transaction.
  • In the event that we are unable to complete your requested service/transaction then you will be entitled to a full refund.
  • Where we have provided alternate products or services that are of a lower value, part refunds will be granted for the difference.
GDPR – Processing Of Personal Data Policy

The Alarming Company Limited holds data on employees, clients and suppliers. We take the use and storage of this data very seriously. This statement clarifies our position and readiness of how client data is collected, stored, used and destroyed.

The legal basis for our collection of data is to enable us to meet our client contractual obligations. The Alarming Company Limited will not use your personal data for any reason other than our contractual obligations to install and maintain the goods and services we have provided to you.

Your data will be held safely at The Alarming Company Limited and will not be released to any third party without your explicit consent. Please note where you have systems that as part of our contractual obligation are monitored by a third party, only data as required to fulfil these obligations is provided and each third party is subject to the same statutory European GDPR regulations.

The Alarming Company stores your data in a secure manner and on termination of our commercial obligations will on your written request delete any or all of your data.